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Ghost Coin to be Deployed as Payment for Hong Kong Vending Machines

Ghost Coin, the proof-of-stake privacy coin led by John McAfee, can now be used in vending machines in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Ghost announced on Twitter that it partnered with crypto payment system ivendPay to deploy the coin in over 60 vending machines around Hong Kong, even those in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

“When we 1st launched $GHOST our vision was not only to focus on #Privacy but also on real user adoption,” Ghost said on Twitter. 

The privacy coin and distributed exchange went live last week amid the ongoing controversy surrounding it. Ghost distributed exchange replaced the McAfeeDEX distributed exchange in the process. 

The controversial and eccentric McAfee came under fire after it was found parts of the Ghost white paper were “copy-pasted” from open-source protocol PIVX’s white paper. McAfee admitted that plagiarism was involved but still threatened to sue PIVX for defamation. PIVX is also planning to launch a zk-SNARKS-based privacy protocol from Zcash in the fourth quarter of this year.

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