home Videos Mike Maloney – QE Infinity Will Ignite Bitcoin, Gold & Silver

Mike Maloney – QE Infinity Will Ignite Bitcoin, Gold & Silver

Mike Maloney – QE Infinity Will Ignite Bitcoin, Gold & Silver
Today we sit down with Gold & Silver investing guru Mike Maloney. Mike & his team also created the hidden secrets of money series many of you will have watched. We discuss what is unfolding in the global economy at present, how central banks & governments are reacting with multi trillion dollar stimulus packages & QE infinity. #Gold #Silver #Bitcoin

2:00 Why currency ≠ wealth
3:05 Living in Puerto Rico amid the COVID-19 outbreak
8:00 Why the U.S. dollar is appreciating
10:10 Currency vs. money
15:30 Boom-bust cycle explained
19:50 Velocity of money as the “mood of the public”
23:25 Mike’s case for a two-part crash
29:55 Bullish case for gold & silver
35:55 Gold and silver shortages
37:47 Difference between physical & paper price
46:07 Nationalisation vs. confiscation
49:53 Gold-to-silver ratio



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